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Personal and group coaching

Sharing knowledge and trainings advice within SUP is something I have fallen in love with the past 3 years. Book a session and learn where you can improve.

Sponsorship Collaborations

To be the best I can be, I have some amazing collaborations with sponsors locally, nationally and internationally. Working together with others and having a team who supports me is crucial for me to achieve my dreams.


Reaching my goals has been something I have worked towards since I started paddling. Now being the 2022 European sprint champion as well as 2x world championship silvermedalist in tech- and sprintracing is a dream coming true.


15th to 19th of November my dream is to be competing at the Worlds.

15th to 19th of November my biggest goals for the year, the world in Thailand, will happen! Last year I returned home from the worlds with a silver medal. My dream is to reach for the podium again. 

BUT I canˋt make this happen without support! Help me get support by sponsoring me on this journey.

Become a part of my sponsor team!


Are you looking to host a SUP Clinic for your local paddle community or paddle club?

Learn the newest and best techniques to improve your paddling from European champ and worlds silvermedalist Caroline Küntzel. She loves to travel and visit clubs around the world. Contact for available dates and prices.

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